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  • whbilbo269
    Nov 6, 2018
  • hotburb
    Jan 1, 2018

    I have enjoyed this great book from cover to cover. It covers so many details to do with the design and building of these road icons. Great information on the problems and solutions that arose from the many new features that arrived with this great bus. SCENICRUISING and FLAGSHIP OF THE FLEET are two books that go hand in hand with these great cruisers.
  • stfagen
    Aug 17, 2017

    When I got my first scenic I immediately discovered that all of my tools were too small to work on the bus. The second thing I discovered is that everything has a generous coat of grime. And I also learned that everything weighs 5 times what it would if it were on any other vehicle. By the time I got the second bus I had started to collect big tools (which weigh plenty on their own accord) and I was learning creative ways of applying cheater bars to get old rusty bolts to move. Everyone loves these old iconic machines, but you have to have a certain level of crazy dedication to actually own and work on one.