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The first, comprehensive history of the
Greyhound Scenicruiser - t
his is the ONLY place to get the coilbound and hardbound versions, in addition to the paperback.

"Paul von Fange writes the book on Scenicruisers. [It] is a phenomenal research effort . . . [a] must read . . .[a] monumental 500-page tome … he has managed to meticulously document or debunk every factoid and story told on the Scenicruiser ... Bill Luke ... took honor in providing the foreword, commending von Fange for his penchant for detail in providing the most complete and accurate history on one of the most iconic vehicles the industry has ever seen."

     BUS RIDE Feb 2016

"This is truly an extraordinary history … the book is authoritative, pain-stakingly researched and highly read-able…. Paul von Fange tells this and much more in this masterpiece, which is one of the best-researched and written bus books ever to cross the editorial desk. You do not need to have a prior interest in American buses to enjoy it, but if you do, you will find it especially irresistible.”

     BUSES Feb 2016

"... a review of your majestic Scenicruiser book ... It was indeed a pleasure not only to read but to study and absorb -- and I can certainly appreciate the time, effort and dedication that it all required. Quite incredible! ... A colossal undertaking, this tome is truly indispensable for any fan of Greyhound or the Scenicruiser, and we all owe the author an immense debt of gratitude for his perserverance and thoroughness in tackling what is undoutedly the most famous coach ever built ..."


     BUS INDUSTRY Apr 2016

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Where are the Scenicruisers now? And which are gone? Check out this update to Tom's map!

 "The fascinating book by Paul von Fange covers the story behind the iconic Greyhound Scenicruiser. This is a very comprehensive volume for anyone interested in ... Scenicruisers."



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