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Paul von Fange unexpectedly discovered the Greyhound Scenicruiser in 2009 and has been on a quest for its story ever since. He has ridden thousands of miles on these buses since then, courtesy of John Hotvet, Tom McNally, Chad Goertz, and Tony Allen. He’s attended the 2010 Scenicruise in Amarillo/Adrian, TX, the 2011 Scenicruise in Grand Canyon Caves, AZ, the 2011 Gathering of Buses in Hibbing, MN, the 2013 Ghosts of Highway 61 in Blytheville, AR, the 2017 Bus Boy Rally in Evansville, IN and the Bus Boy Rally in HIbbing, MN in 2018. He continues to work as a volunteer at the Minnesota Transportation Museum, working to restore Scenicruiser PD-4501-739.


His books are available on the BOOKS tab and his Scenicruising YouTube videos can be found under the VIDEO tab. Additional evidence for the Scenicruiser history can be sent to him at or with the CONTACT tab under INFO. 


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