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As my buddy Jeff Willard #0847 told me, parts for Scenicruisers are made of "unobtainium!" But not always! Here's a growing list of what can be purchased or what has been available in the past. Got any updates for this page? Send them to me here.

And thanks to the guys at Bus Grease Monkey!

Oil and Filters

The most popular and correct engine oils for the Detroit Diesel two-stroke engines (53, 71, 92, and 145 series) are the following: Detroit Diesel PowerGuard 40wt 23512701 = 4x1g case 23512734 = 5g pail 23512702 = 55g drum Mobil Delvac 1240 104056 = 4x1g case 102565 = 5g pail Chevron Delo 100 40wt 23968391454 = UPC code 3x1g case 100-40-1CHV= O’Reiley’s Auto Parts number 222404448 =5g pail Miles Labs HD Diesel 40wt M00200503 =5g pail (Available via Amazon) Shell Rotella T1 550019858 =3x1g case 550019892 =5g pail Detroit’s PowerGuard is Mobil Delvac 1240 that’s private-labeled. Most of these oils are not on the shelf at your local auto parts store, they must be ordered. You can find distributors by using the “dealer locator” tab on each manufacturer’s website. It can take anywhere from five - nine gallons of oil for an oil change, depending on bus make/model, engine and oil pan size. If you’re having a shop change the oil for you, always bring your own, correct oil - don’t rely on the shop to have it.


NAPA Gold spin-on filter numbers for the two-stroke Detroits are below. These are private-labeled for NAPA and made by WIX.

1970 = Oil

3118 = Primary Fuel

3418 = Primary Fuel w/drain

3120 = Secondary Fuel

Front Windshields

Scenicruiser (PD-4501) Lower Windshields For Sale!

THANKS EVERYONE - we got the 25 orders - 63 to be exact - 42 are paid!

​The windshield for the pattern is on its way to manufacturing - stay tuned!

Windshield Update! (March 8, 2022)

The 100 windshields arrived in New York harbor last Wednesday. Headed to Texas soon. Had to find a box truck with a lift gate for unloading. Wayne called all the buyers Thursday and Friday. He told them after they arrive in Ft Worth, he will jump the hurdle of getting them delivered to their front door.

Dave Smith found that the glass was perfect. Dimensions to be exact and no waves in the glass. The problem was the 4104 rubber gasket from Luke. The center part of the rubber was too thick. Luke told him to grind down the lip of the bus but I said do not do that. We went to Tandy leather and got a leather skive and spent time (and lots of it) removing the middle thickness. The windows look good and he drove it all the way to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Kudos to those who put down their money and waited 3 years! And a huge shout-out to Wayne who managed this project from hell from start to finish!

Scenicruiser Upper Windshield Glass!

All right everyone, now that we have the front window glass, who wants to buy the upper windshield glass? We had found a place in Florida. But Florida is out! Wayne found a place in Sandusky, Ohio that will love to do the upper windshields. This factory is fairly close to Jeff Wiley and he said he would pick them up from the factory and we can distribute them from his shop in Iowa. A savings on shipping. The left mold and a right mold will be $8,000.00 each. Each window will be 415.00 each or 830.00 for a pair plus shipping. This is a rough guesstimate from the pictures sent to him. Wayne will ship him two upper windshields and get a lock down price after he sees them in person. 16 weeks for tooling and 4 weeks for delivery to Jeff. All money will be upfront before the project starts. Approx. $41,500.00. If you're interested, contact me via email at I'll put your name on the list and we will update you once we get a firm price, dates and minimum quantity order.

Dash Lenses


Marker Light Lenses

Lower Cargo Door Skins Talk to Steve. They can make you new skin. You will have to rivet on new. (Tom McNally)

Bay door hinge rubber
               The 4104, 4106, &4501 use the same hinge. I get my bay door hinges at Mohawk mfg. & supply. A 100 ft. roll is $ 85.50,a smaller pkg. for 1 door top or bottom is $ 5.78[takes 2 pkgs per door].Part #2467448. I think the roll is #2467448a 1-800-323-7652.

Hinge Rubber for Compartment Doors
               You could try Muncie for the hinge rubber. I bought mine there in 1997, and it's still good. Mine is indoors all the time which obviously helps.

White Luggage Rack Rubber
               Roy Hall in England has had dies made up for all seat numbers and white luggage rack rubber.  He can be reached at  I have a sample of the white rubber and it is perfect.  Last time I checked it was $600 for the 150' needed to redo an entire bus

Seat Cushions
               In process, Tom McNally contact

Rubber Window Seals
                From Jack: I ordered the following which was enough to do two complete windows:
2 8510K22 SBR Rubber U-Channel Push-on Trim 1/4" Wide X 5/16" High Inside, 25 ft. Length
Quantity 4 Unbeaded Rubber Channel 96" Part #: 70-3572-58
Description: U-shaped weatherstripping channel. Made with an electrostatic flocked rubber that has flexibility and reduces friction to secure and let glass or other material slide inside the channel. Use anywhere a mohair-lined channel is needed to eliminate rattle, provide a smooth sliding surface and protect glass. Typically used as glass run channel for sliding windows. Sold as 96" strips.
The Unbeaded Rubber Channel worked great. I just wonder if some of the metal backed may have been a better idea to use. It was very flexible and fit perfect, but tended to roll in on the groove around the corners of the windows which would have made it difficult to completely shut and latch the sliders. My solution was to use a small amount of gel super glue and a piece of folded cardboard to run in the grove after super glue was applied. 

Also: contact Tom McNally

Rear tail light surround castings
               In process, Tom McNally contact

Rear reflector mounting blocks
               In process, Tom McNally contact

Front turn signal chrome trim rings (also used for rear tail light retaining rings.)
               In process, Tom McNally contact

Vertical "push bars" on front bumper mounted just inboard of the fog light holes on the bumper.
               In process, Tom McNally contact

Vertical rubber seals for all side compartment doors

                 Metro Moulded parts of Minneapolis to sell us some rubber seal at a volume discount. This particular rubber seal fits the vertical edges of all the side compartment doors, including: the baggage bin doors, heater compartment door, fuel tank compartment door, etc. It will take 75 feet to do one entire bus. To do just the baggage bin doors you need 32 feet. Wayne has received samples of this material and it fits perfectly. The part number is LP80-H and the discounted price is $2.96 per foot. If you are interested in this material call Gary at Metro Moulded, and tell him you want the "antique bus volume discount" (866)455-7838. Be sure to call him personally and refer to this special deal price & part number. Some people do not even know that there should be a vertical closure seal on these doors, as most are worn out or missing all-together. Replacing these rubber seals will insure you have weather tight compartments.

New skylight (perimeter) rubber for single pane glass
               Ron Medaglia, PBM, cost for a set of 4 12 ft. sections of skylight perimeter rubber sections would be $314.00 incl shipping.

New perimeter rubber we had made for all 10 side window frames
               Ron Medaglia, PBM, set of 10 side window frame perimeter rubber cut in lengths to fit each window with 6 in. extra would be $401.50.


                  I have reproduced all the vinyl legal header-board signage. I do not stock them, but my decal supplier can print them off as they are in my account file. [Tom McNally]

Destination Roller Curtain

Clutch Pad

                  Phone Luke and see. 1-888-262-2434 A good place to start.

3 Main Fan Belts

                A83 - A-Section V-Belt (4L850), 1/2” X 85”  YOUR PRICE:$5.28.

Fuel Filters

                 Primary: NAPA #: 3118 or FRAM #: P1146G

Fan Gear Box Lube

                 MP 140wt gear lube or 90wt if operated a lot below 0 deg F.



Adding LEDs

They are led strip lights - they look like 8mm movie film on the same type reel. At the Arcadia bus rally the Little Brothers introduced them to us. I thought they were awesome. We have since purchased a roll of each (cool & warm white and associated connectors & wiring. What we didn't do was replace any of our current bulbs or fixtures. We added mini toggle switches to the opposite end of all fixtures and added the tape backed strip (or ribbon) lighting as we call it. Like kyle4501 mentioned - get as many leds as you can to fit under the lenses in the fixtures. I put them in all sorts of fixtures, incandescent and fluorescent thin lites. We were really surprised as to how much brightness they have. This way we have the best of both worlds. When plugged in to shore power we use either or all. When boon-docked we stay with LED only at a fraction of amp draw. Specifics on Amazon are: LE 12V DC flexible LED strip lights non-waterproof (interior) #3528 LEDs @ 16.4' @ 300 LED units per roll (paid $6.99/roll) Leegoal connector adapters cable strip 3528 to 3528 ($2.90/10 pcs) x 2, then purchased 12 mini switches. Total was under $30 and retrofitted a dozen fixtures.

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