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Do you have any interest in The Greyhound Scenicruiser ....... aka GM PD-4501?


If your answer is “YES” ... YOU ... should have the book titled: SCENICRUISING ... THE GREYHOUND SCENICRUISER STORY, by author Paul von Fange.  Paul and I met at The 2011 Gathering of Buses in Hibbing held at The Greyhound Bus Museum.  We became friends almost instantly as we found out each other is a stickler for details and correctness.


Paul ... as he intended ... produced the best informational book available anywhere on earth regarding The Scenicruiser, its predecessors and what has become of many after their days with Greyhound.  His book has almost 500 pages and almost the same number of pictures, drawings and charts!  Everything he put into his book has been researched.  Many hand-me-down stories are confirmed while others are debunked with documentation he obtained and included in the book.


Thru Paul’s research and help from countless sources, many little-known facts regarding The Scenicruiser are shared ... again with documentation.  His diligence and work ethic are much like mine, especially when writing in-depth reports and preparing for civil trials and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) hearings associated with pilots and companies not complying with Federal Aviation  regulations, rules and safe practices during my years with The FAA ... Federal Aviation Administration.


The Forward was written by none other than William “Bill“ A. Luke.  For those who may not know Bill Luke personally, he is a walking resource when it comes to the Bus Industry.  Many people contributed information and proof read sections of the work as it was developed.  The final review and editing was done by “Doc“ Rushing.  Doc, among other things, is a law professor, has been involved with buses since his childhood and is also a personal friend as is Bill Luke.


Having Bill and Doc involved along with a multitude of other knowledgeable and respected individuals ... you can be sure ... this book is an item all who have an interest in the North American bus Industry and Scenicruiser in particular ... should have in their personal bus collection.


You will find the book easy to read and the pictures, charts and drawings provided support the text.  What you will realize very quickly is Paul’s book is not a photo archive like many of the wonderful and informative books which we are so lucky to have available, thanks to people like Bill Luke.


I have been privileged to have had previous copies of SCENICRUISING for review ... That said, today ... we received the first batch of books which we are able to sell!  You can be among the first in the world to have your very own copy, which is being offered at this time by a very few select retail outlets.


The offer is a soft cover edition ... The cost for the book is $39.95 plus $5.50 for USPS Media Mail shipping for a total of $45.45.  If being shipped to a PA address, add $2.73 PA Sales Tax for a total of $48.18.  If you wish the book shipped USPS Priority Mail, ask and we will provide you with a cost to your specific address.  For those who retrieve the book in person, there is no shipping.  All books retrieved in person at the Royal Coach facility ..... are subject to PA State Sales tax of 6%, including the shipping.


Inquiries for shipping of more than one book or to an international address are invited.


Quantity discounts are not available at this time.


Phone, fax E Mail and snail mail orders are invited.  For those who wish to order by mail ... You are invited to do so using a note and send a check, money order or your credit card information.   If you are a Royal Coach Company Store ... Pass Holder ..... this book will be offered in the next Dispatch.


We at Royal Coach are looking forward to hearing from you.


Enjoy the day!


Janet, Charles, Doug, Mary Beth and Linda


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