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Scenicruiser #139 For Sale


Open PDF file for more pictures!


It was started up a couple of years ago but since then the batteries have died. It has a few blue seats in the cargo bays and the inside is turned into a mobile home with a fridge, stove, heater, ac unit, bathroom and shower. My dad drove it from Texas to Maine in 2005 and it didn't have reverse, but he stopped in Jersey and had the reverse put in. Air ride suspension, air horn and air clutch I believe. Not sure about brakes. Definitely a fixer upper!


Not much for rust – a few spots here and there. It was kept in Texas for years so when we got it, it didn't really have any rust on it. But now from sitting in Maine a few years it has a few spots. Nothing major though. I don't think I could jump start it, but I'm sure if I had batteries it will start right up. At least 4 tires are flat. Air ride suspension fills up though, has a spot to hook up for an air compressor outside as well. My dad said Johnny Cash rode in it once and it had a desert scene painted on it once, but I have no way to prove any of that.


First $3,500 takes it! Located in Crawford, Maine.


Contact Michael Uhl at


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