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Scenicruiser Glass Update (July 10, 2021)

Three of the PD4501 front windows manufactured in China have arrived. The good news is that they meet the specs perfectly! The bad news is that this is taking such a long time. Next step is to install these three windows into the Scenicruisers owned by Dave Smith and Tom Miller. Once the fit is confirmed, the rest will be shipped and should arrive before year’s end. Updates will be posted here as more details are known.

Next Scenicruiser glass steps: both a left and a right upper windshield glass was retrieved from a Scenicruiser being stripped. Though the glass is cracked, they’ll serve perfectly as a mold for making ‘new’ upper-level glass. Even better, an American Mom & Pop custom glass-making shop was found in Florida which will make the uppers. They will be $366 each (left or right) or $688 a pair (left and right) plus shipping and will take 4 weeks (!) to make once an order is placed. Let me know if you have an interest, which glass (L or R) and how many –

Future PD4501 glass manufacturing will include the opera or teardrop windows and the three pieces of glass at the rear.


* 1955 PD4501-478 Greyhound Scenicruiser RV Conversion 40 ft.

* Detroit 8V71 V8 Engine, approximately 80,000 on rebuild.

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