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Windshield Update! (March 8, 2022)

The 100 windshields arrived in New York harbor last Wednesday. Headed to Texas soon. Had to find a box truck with a lift gate for unloading. Wayne called all the buyers Thursday and Friday. He told them after they arrive in Ft Worth, he will jump the hurdle of getting them delivered to their front door.

Dave Smith found that the glass was perfect. Dimensions to be exact and no waves in the glass. The problem was the 4104 rubber gasket from Luke. The center part of the rubber was too thick. Luke told him to grind down the lip of the bus but I said do not do that. We went to Tandy leather and got a leather skive and spent time (and lots of it) removing the middle thickness. The windows look good and he drove it all the way to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Kudos to those who put down their money and waited 3 years! And a huge shout-out to Wayne who managed this project from hell from start to finish!

Scenicruiser Upper Windshield Glass!

All right everyone, now that we have the front window glass, who wants to buy the upper windshield glass? We had found a place in Florida. But Florida is out! Wayne found a place in Sandusky, Ohio that will love to do the upper windshields. This factory is fairly close to Jeff Wiley and he said he would pick them up from the factory and we can distribute them from his shop in Iowa. A savings on shipping. The left mold and a right mold will be $8,000.00 each. Each window will be 415.00 each or 830.00 for a pair plus shipping. This is a rough guesstimate from the pictures sent to him. Wayne will ship him two upper windshields and get a lock down price after he sees them in person. 16 weeks for tooling and 4 weeks for delivery to Jeff. All money will be upfront before the project starts. Approx. $41,500.00. If you're interested, contact me via email at I'll put your name on the list and we will update you once we get a firm price, dates and minimum quantity order.


* 1955 PD4501-478 Greyhound Scenicruiser RV Conversion 40 ft.

* Detroit 8V71 V8 Engine, approximately 80,000 on rebuild.

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